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Tasmanian Wildlife and Wilderness 
Film and Photography  
By Chris Coupland

     About - Chris Coupland B.Sc. (Hon)

Chris Coupland is an honors graduate having completed his thesis in bird ecology at the school of Zoology, University of Tasmania and has been working professionally as researcher, husbandry manager, interpretation officer and record keeper with Tasmanian devils and Quoll’s for 12 years.  

Chris is self employed and subcontracts out his encyclopedic knowledge of Tasmanian wildlife through his business 'Creatures of the Night'.

He has hosted ‘Super Scavengers, Co-hosted ‘Devils Diary’ and ‘Growing up Marsupial Mums’ all of which have been viewed on Animal Planet globally and channel 7 on Australian Free to air.

Chris has wrangled, handled animals and fixed sets for over 40 nature documentaries, including full credits for ‘Terrors of Tasmania’ which aired on ABC in 2005. He has an “additional camera” and “Researcher” credit for NHNZ’s 'Super Scavengers.

Chris Coupland is also an experienced animal wrangler and has handled animals for many projects, including;

Jeff Corwin Experience - USA

Getaway, 9 - AUS

Great Outdoors, 7 – AUS

Harry's Practice, 7 - AUS

Bare Foot Bushman, Lifestyle Channel - AUS

The Tasmanian Tiger Project – GER

Sunday Sunrise, 7 – AUS

Sunrise, 7 - AUS

A Current Affair, 9 - AUS

David Parer, ABC - Platypus - The strangest animal on the planet

David Parer, ABC - Terrors of Tasmania

Rod Morris, NHNZ  -  The case of the baby faced assassin.

The Totally Wild Show, BBC

Amazing Animals - Japan

Totally Wild, 10 - Australia

Postcards, 9 - Australia

Among Others

Chris has worked with many industry icons including cameramen Judith Curran, David Parer, Rory McGuiness, Mitchell Kelly and Rod Morris as well as on screen hosts Jack Hanna, Jeff Corwin, and Steve-O and Chris Pontius of MTV’s 'The Wild Boys'.

Within his occupation Chris works with automated passive and active infra-red camera traps for scientific research and has co-authored several papers on their use in devil research. He is a zoologist, conservationist, senior native animal guide and interpreter and semi-professional wildlife photographer/film maker.

Chris has a successful and popular YouTube Channel

which highlights Tasmania’s unique wilderness, wildlife and responsible four wheel driving and free camping as a conduit to get out and see the wonders of the island of Tasmania. 


Chris is also the founder of the Thylacine Research Unit.  That has just a popluar website and YouTube Channel that looks for evidence of the continued existence of the Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger.  The T.R.U. has just completed 2 x 1hr documentaries that will air in September 2015 internationally on Animal Planet.

Share and access Chris’ passion for Tasmanian Fauna through his photography, short films and websites which concentrate on the unique and amazing  wildlife in Tasmania.