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Tasmanian Wildlife and Wilderness 
Film and Photography  
By Chris Coupland

Professional Services

* Natural History Interpretation and Guiding

* Film Guiding, Research and Logistics

Chris Coupland spent his life in Tasmania, growing up on the north west coast of the state and then studying at the university of Tasmania where he gained and Honours Degree in Zoology.

Chris has extensively four wheel driving, hiking and camping experience throughout remote and western Tasmania.

Chris has spent his professional life working in remote and climatically harsh locations through out Tasmania and has traveled extensively throughout the continent. He also has experience working underground in Karst and Cave environments. Chris has 15 years experience within the tourism industry acting as an animal keeper, interpretation officer and tour guide.  He has extensive knowledge of the fauna and ecology of Tasmania and can provide extensive information on shot locations, latest scientific research, as well as communication and liaison within the scientific and conservation circles.  Chris can help create scientifically accurate scripts, and interpretation for a number of different purposes.

Chris Coupland is an experienced animal wrangler and has handled animals for many projects, including;

Super Scavengers - NHNZ

Growing Up - Marsupial Moms - NHNZ

Mutant Planet - NHNZ

Devil Diary - AUS

Jeff Corwin Experience - USA

Getaway, 9 - AUS

Great Outdoors, 7 – AUS

Harry's Practice, 7 - AUS

Bare Foot Bushman, - AUS

The Tasmanian Tiger Project – GER

Sunday Sunrise, 7 – AUS

Sunrise, 7 - AUS

A Current Affair, 9 - AUS

David Parer, ABC - Platypus - The strangest animal on the planet

David Parer, ABC - Terrors of Tasmania

Rod Morris, NHNZ  -  The case of the baby faced assassin.

The Totally Wild Show, BBC

Amazing Animals - Japan

Totally Wild - Australia

TBS Vision - Japan

Among Others.

Chris has acted as a presenter on a number of international documentaries airing on Animal Planet, including Super Scavengers, Growing up Marsupial Mums.  He is also a presenter and Associate Producer in the forthcoming 'Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger' which will air throughout Europe, Asia and Australia on Animal Planet in September 2015. 

Between his scientific, conservation, animal wrangling and presenting roles, Chris is well qualified to research or guide any shoot (film or stills) or consult on Tasmanian fauna and ecology, within any region of Tasmania.

Allow Chris to Research, Present, Guide, Interpret, Transport or Co-ordinate 

your next Tasmanian adventure, to maximise your time in Tasmania!

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+61 418 58 2088